Linux, kernel, OS, GPU, CUDA, virtualization, heterogeneity, anything system. Proud longhorn



My name is Edward Hu, a Computer Science student in the SCEA lab under Dr. Christopher Rossbach at UT Austin. I spent most time doing system stuff and got confused. This site is intended to serve as the dumpster of my random thoughts. If you want to know more about me, please visit my main website.

My original intent to create this website is to focus on system-related matters. But I usually find myself forgetting important stuffs after a few weeks. So I often put other hard-to-read stuffs here as a reminder and confuse people. Therefore, you might find words in some posts hard to understand:)

Reach out to me

The quickest way to reach me is to drop an email at You can also shoot me a message on Twitter @BodunHu. You may feel free to shoot me a text and I will feel free to ignore you most likely.

About the website

This website is hosted through Github pages and uses the theme Simply created by Raghuveer S. I like the fact you can add notes side by side with the posts, which makes my life a lot easier. The theme is located at: