Edward Hu

Graduate Student of Computer Science at UT Austin
email: bodunhu@utexas.com
phone: 512-517-0598
cv: [pdf]
www: bodunhu.com
interests: Operating Systems, Hetegeneous Systems, Virtualization, Accelerators, Concurrency, Networks, Distributed Systems

My name is Edward and I am currently a Computer Science student at University of Texas at Austin. I like low level stuff like system programming. I’m currently advised by professor Chris Rossbach. I’ve worked at Lenovo and H3C before. Currently I am working on heterogeneous computing research. Occasionally I would write blogs to share topics I find interesting. I am also very active on Quora answering questions about computer science and other related stuffs. You can also find me in school’s gym pretty often:)

Teaching Experience (TA)



  • 2020 ISPASS Student Travel Award.
  • Research Distinction by the College of Natural Sciences.


  • 1/28/2020: My paper Altis: Modernizing GPGPU Benchmarking is accepted to ISPASS!
  • 12/15/2019: I’m currently applying for PhD programs!